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The chrome extension to add sticky notes to the pages you visit

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With this Chrome Extension you will be able to add sticky notes to any site you visit. After that, whenever you visit this site again, you will see your previous entries again.

Among others, these are the main configurable features and options of this extension:
  • Autoload notes
  • Notes filtered by domain, page or without filter
  • Possibility to change tray icon action
  • Note features:
    • Draggable, resizable, html editor, can paste html, arrows, expand or collapse, fix or block position, copy note, ...
    Note design:
    • Background color, tect color, font type and size, ...
  • List of notes:
    • View all your previous saved notes.
    • You will be able to see a screenshot of the last momement that you've edited a note.
    • You can visit the site or the page where the note was taken.
    • You can "higlight" a note in a page amongs others notes by clicking the link in the domain note list above the screenshot

You can add remembers, to do lists, and every thing you can annotate in a sticky note. :)


Improve your experience by customizing the features, the options and the design of your notes. You'll be abble to enable or disable features like expand or collapse the note, set a random background color, the font size and text color, a plain or 3d style, and so on.


Whenever you need, you can acces to the complet list of your notes grouped by domain. Also, you'll see a screenshot of each domain and the list of notes that pending for a quick access.

storage sync

Chrome browser have the ability to synchronize extensions and data through your Google account. For that reason you can synchronize all your configuration and notes across all the Chrome browsers you've been using.

Source code
& Contact

You can check the Source Code on Github.
Any kind of help or comment will be apreciated.

Bug report and issues:

Contact me via email: